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July 22, 2018

Vehicle/Car Servicing

Rattle in your hood, clunk when you turn or puffing out smoke? 

Best head to Autopro's autoshop for vehicle servicing no matter the make or model, oil change or car repairs. Autopro's autoshop has all it needs to complete the job to highest standards with a smile. Rob, Tony or Damian will do more than just an oil change. 

The team will service your vehicle, reset the service lights and validate your vehicles service history book too. If there is a need for car servicing, Autopro will always offer advice and costing of the maintenance needed at the point of service. We will always contact you for approval before carrying out further repairs of your car.
If you have a fleet of vehicles that need looking after, Autopro offer competitive prices, great services and a tidy clean finish with all your vehicles! Find more info on our commercial fleet page

Whether it’s your personal vehicle or a lease one, our team provides the quality car servicing at our center. Our main priority is to service your vehicle in the most appropriate way which helps to have a safe car and safe riding. We ensure our customer for the safety, reliability, comfort and a long lasting driving without any hitch.


Don't forget you can get a free warrant of fitness check when you book a full car service here at Autopro.  

Treat your car, contact us today to book your next service!