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July 22, 2018

Warrant of Fitness time again?

Well, no need to worry. Rob and Tony are both W.O.F Authorised Inspectors, and Damien is training to become one so you can rely on us to ensure your vehicle is in road worthy condition. The Autopro auto shop is an authorised W.O.F inspection organisation. Autopro has a rolling road brake tester and 4 hoists to carry out warrant of fitness repairs to a very high standard.

If your vehicle doesn't make the grade on the day, we would be more than happy to carry out the necessary repairs at the same time. Once in our system we can send you a reminder next time your W.O.F is due so no mishaps or fines! 

The warrant of fitness (WOF) inspection helps to keep your vehicle safe and it’s also  ensure the regular check up of the vehicle, further which is helpful to maintain the safety standards. This inspection made the things easy in comparison of vehicle and life safety.

AutoPro is here to meet all the requirement of your vehicle servicing and come up with the best result. Give us a call for vehicle servicing!

You can get your W.O.F at Autopro anytime between 8am till 5pm, Monday to Friday  - just drop in, or just call us to book in for Saturday mornings.

While you wait for your warrant of fitness, you can enjoy a FREE coffee or toastie from Maggie's Lunch Bar next door.

Call us 09 444 5969 now to book your cars next warrant of fitness test!