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May 26, 2019
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They had my best interests in mind.

As a female that knows little about cars, in the past I have felt I've been ripped off with repairs on my car. I am so happy to have found somewhere that I can trust the mechanics! Not having to worry knowing they will only do whats needed and not more, while still advising of anything I could do for better performance. Very pleased with the quality of their services!
Shanti Jackson - 2018

We knew it was in good hands 

Thank you for fixing our car and helping in taking a lof of the worry our of the situation - we knew it was in good hands and could carry on with out daily business. We do appreciate it. 
Alan and Alison - 2012

So friendly & convenient

Thank you Rob and Tony for taking care of my warrant  - the added bonus of the courtesy car made my life 10x easier. Was great to see we do still have great kiwi service here in Auckland. My clunker and I will definitely be back for the next warrant. Thanks again.
Alicia Morley - 2012

Surprised at the cost

I used Auto pro for an ongoing intermittent fault on my VW Golf. They managed to fix it quickly and efficiently and I was pleasantly surprised at the cost!
Steve Mackay - 2012

Impressed by the friendly helpful attitude

The first time that I used Autopro European I was impressed by their friendly helpful attitude and the way they talked me through the repair and costs before going ahead. I also found the free courtesy car invaluable to get around while they repaired my Toyota.
Jon Colby - 2012